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Second Bachelors, Second Major & Masters

If a student is considering a second SVSU Bachelors degree, they are asked to visit the SVSU Academic Advisement Center or a Faculty Advisor and then the SVSU Office of Career Services to determine if this is their best option in the context of their career plans. SVSU requires that the student must first consult with an SVSU Academic Advisor and a Career Counselor prior to making their final decision. They may find that an SVSU Master's degree would be a better option when considering educational credentials that will optimize their academic and professional preparation for the job market.

If the student decides to move forward with a second Bachelor's degree, please note the following:

  • Students must apply for admission into the second Bachelor's degree program via the Undergraduate Admissions Office. 
  • To earn two SVSU Bachelor's degrees, all degree requirements must be met in both curricula pursuant to the University Catalog(s) in effect at the time of admission to the respective program.
  • Financial aid might not be available for a second Bachelor's degree, though the student may qualify for a student loan if they are still eligible and the maximum debt limit has not been reached. Please address these questions to the SVSU Office of Financial Services. 
  • Courses with passing grades in Basic Skills (remedial) and General Education from the first Bachelor's degree will count toward the second degree; a minimum of “C” in all required courses except General Education which is a minimum of a “D” grade. The upper-division degree requirements are also waived for the second degree, but all requirements for the major in the degree must be met.
    • Students pursuing a second SVSU undergraduate degree must complete a minimum of 31 additional credits beyond the first degree and also fulfill all requirements listed for a different major than from the first degree. Students should consult with an Academic Advisor to determine which courses would double-count.  
  • A minor is not required in the second Bachelor's degree program.
  • If the second Bachelor's degree is pursued after the first Bachelor's degree has already been conferred, registration procedures are standard in terms of the posted registration schedule and online registration opportunities. Students pursuing a second Bachelor's degree are considered to be seniors and can register online pursuant to the posted registration schedule. 
  • In the case of two Bachelors degrees, the degrees can be of the same type (e.g., both Bachelor of Science degrees with different majors) and be in the same College (e.g., both in the College of Science, Engineering and Technology). The degrees can also be different, for example, the first one as a Bachelor of Arts and the second Bachelor of Science.
  • It is possible for a single student to pursue two degrees at the same time, though this must be arranged in advance in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Under this scenario, a 155 total credit minimum for the two majors combined (124+31) and completion of one minor is required unless both degrees do not require a minor.  


Another Option: At SVSU, students can elect to pursue two majors under a single Bachelor's degree. All requirements in both majors must be met under the Catalog in force. Unlike a two-degree arrangement, no minor is required under this arrangement, as the second major satisfies the minor requirement. For this option, a second major must be declared and entered into the student’s record in advance at the Office of the Registrar. 



Office of the Registrar
Wickes 151
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