Meet Coop, Scarlet and Our #1 Fan

The SVSU Mascot program features three unique mascots: Coop, Scarlet and our #1 Fan. Each of these mascots represents Saginaw Valley State University in their own unique ways. This family of mascots came together in 2015 and their primary purpose is to promote all things SVSU and spread Red Pride throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region and beyond. If you would like to invite Coop, Scarlet or our #1 Fan to one of your events or gatherings, fill out the Mascot Reservation form or contact Jake Deloge at



#1 Fan

‌‌‌‌‌Officially named as SVSU’s primary mascot is affectionately known as Coop. Coop stands at approximately 6’3” and dresses in very fashionable athletic attire (tennis shoes, shorts and a jersey).  Coop is always accompanied by a “handler” - a student trained to assist Coop and the public with photo opportunities, autographs, etc. Coop loves to attend community functions, high school spirit events, athletic events, weddings, and graduation parties. Coop’s female companion, Scarlet, joined him in 2015. Scarlet stands at approximately 6’ and has a diverse wardrobe ranging from a formal gown to a tennis outfit, and even a basketball jersey. Like Coop, Scarlet is always accompanied by a “handler." Scarlet will make individual appearances or appearances with Coop. Scarlet loves to attend events such as breast cancer awareness events, and community functions. 2015 marked the introduction of a new member of the SVSU mascot family, #1 Fan. This mascot is created in the likeness of a young cardinal. #1 Fan stands approximately 5’7” and likes to dress like Coop. #1 Fan will always have a "handler" with him and will make appearances with Coop or by himself. #1 Fan loves to attend children's parties, schools, fairs and festivals, and loves to hang out with kids.
Coop at a football game

Coop at a Football Game

Coop in the Football tunnel

Game Time

Coop at a basketball game with kids

Basketball, Kids and Coop

Coop Studying in the Library

Studious Coop

Coop at a basketball game

Coop at a Basketball Game

Coop catching a man falling backwards

Trust Fall with Coop


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