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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Courses / Curriculum

Required Electives

Three 600-level business courses. If three courses are all in the same discipline, the student will have a concentration in that discipline. It is not necessary to have all three electives in the same discipline.

Pre M.B.A.

Basic skills required for entering M.B.A. students include competency in mathematics and written English, and computer literacy. Mathematics competency is required to the level of advanced college algebra or precalculus. Competency in written English should equal or exceed the level required of an upper-level undergraduate writing course. The demonstration of computer literacy includes knowledge of basic spreadsheet operations, word processing, and database manipulation. Deficiencies in the basic skills are to be remedied by taking appropriate course work as determined by the College of Business and Management before taking M.B.A. course work.

Foundation Courses (6 cr, unless waived)

Foundation courses will be taught online.

Certificate in International Business

A Certificate in International Business will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the following requirements:

Electives (five courses, minimum 12 credits, and from a minimum of four functional areas)

These courses may be used simultaneously to satisfy the three courses of “Electives” required for the M.B.A. Students who already have obtained an M.B.A. and who desire to obtain a Certificate in International Business may do so by completing the courses that are not part of their official transcripts. The certificate will be awarded upon completion of the requirements. Additional international business special topics courses can be designated as satisfying certificate requirements before the time the courses are offered.

Concentration in Entrepreneurship

Students wishing to take a concentration in entrepreneurship must take MGT 643 (Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation) and MKT/ETM 645 (From Invention to the Market) plus one of the following courses: FIN 603 (Financial Entrepreneurship) or MGT/ETM 646 (Research Project on an Invention). Students must also submit their business plan to compete for evaluation.




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