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Parking Services

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Visitor Parking

Most parking areas on campus are open to the public at no charge, although there are some restricted/reserved lots.
Signs located at the entrance to each parking lot indicate restricted times and usage for parking facilities.

Overnight Parking

Vehicles parked on campus overnight must be registered with University Police/Parking Services and parked in designated overnight parking lots only. Unregistered cars parked overnight will be ticketed and may be impounded. Call Parking Services at (989) 964-4140 for more information.
Special Needs Parking

State handicap permits are valid at any designated handicap space on campus when a valid permit is displayed from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle. Any metered space may be used without depositing coin when a valid permit is displayed from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle.

Parking Citations

Payment for a parking citation is required within 10 calendar days of the issue date. Any ticket that fails to be paid within this time frame may be turned over to the 70th District Court of Saginaw County as past due. As a result, you may be responsible for an increased fine and additional court costs. For additional information please refer to the Operations Manual and the Parking Violation Appeal Process policy.

Campus Resident Parking Permit

All SVSU resident students are eligible to register one vehicle for parking in resident lots on campus at no charge. Upon receiving a housing assignment, students may apply on-line “Manage my Account” for a parking permit (SVSU user name and password required) or complete the process at Housing Check-in.

Faculty & Staff Parking Permit

Faculty and staff have designated reserved parking. The annual parking permit fee is $20.00 and will expire September 15 each year. Adjunct Faculty are eligible for a permit at no charge to be paid for by the department. To apply or update parking permits on-line, visit “Manage my Account.” (SVSU user name and password required) or in-person at Parking Services or Campus Financial Services Center.

Special Needs Permit

All special needs parking permit requests should be directed to the Parking Services Coordinator by calling (989) 964-4140.

The Motorist Assistance Program is our opportunity to help you. When you are on campus and have trouble with your vehicle, Parking Services is ready to lend a helping hand.

If you accidentally lock your keys in your vehicle, your vehicle has a dead battery, or you need jumper cables, you can request assistance by contacting Parking Services at (989) 964-4141.

Our aim is to provide help to members of the campus community who are stranded, particularly at night or in adverse weather. We are not trained mechanics, but will do our best to either get you on your way or find someone who can help you.

This service is free of charge.

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