University Police Office Hours during COVID-19 Situation

The Saginaw Valley State University Police and Parking Services office hours will be Monday - from 7 am to 5 pm, and Tuesday - Sunday from 7 am to midnight,  to receive requests for police services, vehicle assists, maintenance, and field your questions.  To maintain physical distancing, we strongly recommend you call the office at (989) 964-4141 prior to stopping in.  During office closure hours, callers will be prompted to select from a series of issues and be forwarded appropriately.  If you have a police emergency contact 911.  If you have a general question that can be answered when the office reopens, please email us at or call back during office hours.  The safety and security of the campus community is our priority and we will continue to have 24/7 SVSU Police Service with additional security patrols.    

Police Officers standing with vehicles

University Police & Parking Services

The SVSU Police Department is staff by certified police officers 24/7 and participates in a mutual aid agreement with other local law enforcement agencies serving to expedite assistance from these agencies should their services be required. Many crime prevention and safety programs have been established by the Police Department that focus on education, awareness and other security measures. 

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To provide safety, security and protection for the entire SVSU community.


We will provide the highest level of safety through problem-solving and partnerships with the community for the success of SVSU.

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