STEM Opportunities Camp

The Saginaw Valley State University Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow STEM Opportunities Camp is a 4-week long day camp, July 6 - 31, 2020, for middle school students who can benefit from a challenging, program of extracurricular math study. We provide daily activities designed to promote both fundamental math skills and exposure to more advanced, challenging ideas that highlight the uplifting, empowering and enriching nature of mathematics. 

Our program is built around the idea of helping kids discover their own amazing abilities through the study of mathematics. To provide a more diverse and enriching experience, the mathematics is supplemented with science activities and field trips that highlight different career opportunities for kids who take an active role in being successful in their own education. The goals of our camp are to build fundamental and advanaced skills in math, build self-esteem through the rigorous study of math and to show kids some of the career possibilities that are available to them through education. We also work to provide a camp in which kids can build lasting friendships in a safe and educational environment. 

The SVSU STEM camp has been in operation (under different names) since the summer of 2012. As we grow, we are committed to the idea that once you've become a part of the camp, you're always a part of it. We actively look for camp attendees to become staff members. If you're a rising 6th, 7th or 8th grader, or the parent/guardian of one, please contact your school counselor for more information. If you're passionate about changing lives through math and science, and would like to be a teachr assistant or a team leader, please email Dr. Amy Hlavacek at for more information. 


Camp Leaders Needed!

Applications will be available soon for Team Leader and Teacher Assistant positions. This is a paid position for high school and college students strong in math and who are eager to share their passion with younger students.