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Nursing B.S.N. Frequently Asked Questions

Does SVSU’s nursing program have a wait list?
How many students apply to the nursing program and how many are admitted?
How long does it take to complete SVSU’s nursing program?
What is the average GPA of students being admitted to the Basic Nursing Program?
When are the deadlines to apply?
Do all the prerequisite nursing courses have to be completed by the application deadline date?
Do all ten categories of SVSU’s general education requirements need to be completed before I apply to the nursing program?
May I repeat a required nursing prerequisite course?
Is a C minus (“C-”) grade acceptable for a required nursing prerequisite course?
May I take physiology and anatomy I at my local community college and physiology and anatomy II at SVSU?
How do I apply to the nursing program?
Do I need references or volunteer experience?
How will I be notified if I have been accepted to the nursing program?
What happens if a student is not accepted into the nursing program?
What if I am a transfer student? How does my application compare with that of SVSU students?
If I am currently completing courses at another university or community college, how do I find out how my credits transfer to SVSU?
May I take nursing courses during spring and/or summer semester to complete my degree sooner?
What is SNA (Student Nurses Association)?
How can I get more information or answers to my questions?
Do you offer Freshman Admission to the Nursing Program?
Can I work while I am in nursing school?


BSN Program
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Graduate Programs
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RN-BSN Program
(989) 964-4184