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YOU CAN GET YOUR Education Specialist Degree ✓ Pathway to Special Education Admin Approval
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Educational Leadership - Education Specialist (Ed.S.)

Graduate Admissions Coordinator

Tanika Williams Graduate Admissions CoordinatorMy name is Tanika Williams, MBA, MS, and I am here to help you navigate your path to earning your graduate degree. If you have any questions regarding application requirements use one of the links below or feel free to text me at (989) 461-2050.

Education Specialist Program Coordinators

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Special Education Advisor
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Clark, LaCreta

LaCreta Clark Ph.D., M.S.
Professor of Educational Leadership and Services
(989) 964-4930

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Mastering the challenge of education to change and improve lives

The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree provides post-master’s study and is a leadership program preparing individuals to assume a professional role in education administration and supervision. It is designed to enhance the academic skill and knowledge base of educational leaders, preparing them to meet the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st century. The degree plan requires the completion of 30 semester credits beyond a master’s degree from an accredited graduate institution.


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Special Education Administration Approvals

The Educational Leadership and Services program offers course work leading to State approval as a Director of Special Education (30 credits) or as a Supervisor of Special Education (12 credits).

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Designed for Working Students

Offered part-time or full-time, our hybrid (Ed.S.) degree is made for the working students—with flexible class times and the perfect combination of in-person and remote instruction.

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Cost-effective and Competitive

More affordable than comparable programs with a variety of loans and scholarships available, SVSU’s Educational Leadership - Education Specialist (Ed.S.) program is a convenient and cost-effective way to advance your career.




Graduate Admissions
Wickes Hall 230
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Education Specialist Coordinators
Brian Bond
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LaCreta Clark
(989) 964-4930

Tanika Williams
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
(989) 461-2050