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Accounting, Economics and Business

The number of students at SVSU pursuing degrees in business is on the rise.  Accounting, Economics and Statistics courses are especially challenging. Our tutors are here to help.

Biology & Chemistry Tutoring

Biology and chemistry are often referred to as “killer courses”.  We can help.  Our student tutors have taken these classes and may have had your instructor.  They will break down complicated concepts and give advice on how to best study these difficult courses.

Computer Science & Technology

Come and see us! Bring your questions, your class notes/textbooks, and your student ID.

  • Where to find programs and how to download
  • Important concepts
  • Syntax (grammar rules of programming language)
  • How to effectively break down problems

Social Science & General Education

What does Social Science tutoring cover? Social Science tutors can help with almost any general education or humanities course by helping students with improving their understanding of course material, study habits and test-taking skills.


Zahnow Library
2nd Floor
Z 240

Elaine Hunyadi
Director, Social Science, Business & Technology Tutoring
(989) 964-2221

Online: Monday-Thursday 12 – 6p.m. & Sundays: 4 – 7p.m.
Face to Face: Monday-Thursday 1:30 – 4:30p.m.