Student wearing face mask in class

Wearing and Caring for your Face Covering

At SVSU, we require that face coverings be worn in all campus buildings by students, faculty, staff and visitors. Here are some tips for ensuring your face covering is worn and cared for appropriately:


Before wearing your face covering, you are encouraged to:

  • Wash your hands whenever possible
  • Avoid touching the covering to your neck or forehead
  • Avoid touching the front of the face covering, but if you do, wash your hands

While applying and wearing your face covering, ensure that:

  • The covering fits fully over your mouth and nose and is secured under your chin
  • The covering fits snuggly against the sides of your face so that there are no gaps, but not so snuggly that breathing is difficult.
  • The covering is tied and secured to prevent slipping


When removing your face covering:

  • Do so from the covering’s attachments, such as loops or strings behind your head; handle the covering from these areas only
  • Fold outside corners together to avoid touching the front of the mask to the inside
  • Discard disposable face coverings or place your reusable mask into a paper bag, not on a desk or surface that could cause cross-contamination
  • Wash your hands after removing whenever possible and be careful not to touch your face in the process

Caring for your face covering

Reusable face coverings must be washed after use and should not be used if there are tears or punctures present. Damaged disposable masks should be replaced immediately.

When laundering your face covering, you are advised to:

  • Use regular laundry detergent at the warmest possible setting for the fabric used
  • Dry the covering at the highest heat the fabric will allow or air dry your covering by laying it flat and allowing it to dry completely; air dry in direct sunlight if possible


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