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SVSU backs 'Spread Hope, Not COVID' campaign

A statewide public safety campaign introduced this week is gaining support from Michigan public health officials and a large coalition … including SVSU.

SVSU is among the institutions and organizations supporting the new “Spread Hope, Not COVID” public education campaign. The goal of this campaign is to unite all Michiganders on a common mission to safely reopen our state … and keeping it open.

The success of this campaign will depend on Michigan residents joining together to “Spread Hope, Not COVID” by taking actions that will significantly reduce the spread of the virus. Those actions include wearing masks, washing and sanitizing hands, practicing physical distancing, and more.

“Spread Hope, Not COVID” will communicate with citizens by utilizing broadcast, outdoor, social and digital media, and the news media. The campaign will also share information through state and local associations, business organizations, K-12, as well as higher education institutions such as SVSU.

The campaign is funded through legislation approved by the U.S. Congress.

SVSU researchers' COVID-19 research now includes campus

A research team at SVSU secured an approximately $300,000 grant to continue its work searching for traces of the COVID-19 virus in wastewater samples collected from sites in Arenac, Bay, Gladwin and Saginaw counties. That testing – which includes sampling on the SVSU campus – could help alert health officials about potential outbreaks days before individuals display symptoms. The research also detects the virus in waste of people without symptoms.

Since April, Tami Sivy, SVSU professor of chemistry, and two of her students have been developing methods for tracking existing and potential COVID-19 outbreaks by examining wastewater samples from across the region. With the support of a $300,000 grant from the state Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), the research team’s work will continue.

“There are a lot of universities scrambling to figure out how to do this research right now, and we are fortunate that we have been doing this for months,” Sivy said. “We’ve been ready.”

Read the full story — including details on how the research is performed.

Ambassador profile: Anna Plotkowski

SVSU NEST Ambassadors continue to be one of the key components to keeping the campus safer and healthy. Of the approximately 100 students hired to serve, three students were selected as the student coordinators of the group. Today, NEST Bulletin will highlight one of those coordinators: Anna Plotkowski, a Clinton Township native and special education major at the elementary level.

Along with serving as a NEST Ambassador, she acts as a Forever Red vice president, in charge of social media ad collaboration; a Foundation Scholar; an Alternative Breaks participant; and a member of the Pope Saint John Paul II Catholic Ministries at SVSU.

We asked Anna a few questions about her experience as a NEST Ambassador. Here is what she said:

Q: Why did you apply to serve as a NEST Ambassador?

A: I'm a big planner. Knowing the plan coming back to school was important to me, and I wanted to be involved in that plan. I'm a servant leader and a helper. I'm also a big people person. My parents are both in education — that's part of why I'm going into education — and my experiences in high school and college have been focused on people. (Serving as a NEST Ambassador) seemed like a good fit.

Q: What are your responsibilities as one of the three Ambassador coordinators?

A: I'm helping the Ambassadors behind the scenes, checking in with their hubs, and making sure they have all the supplies they need, like masks. I'm helping them communicate with the staff working with the Ambassadors.

Q: Has the experience been what you hoped so far?

A: This has been great. I've been meeting so many people I hadn't met before. I've really enjoyed being back here at SVSU and helping with the transition.

Q: What do you want people to know about you and your NEST Ambassador peers?

A: We are a friendly group. We are still learning and figuring this all out too, but if you have a question, we are going to help and point you in the right direction.

Online resource to strengthen Ambassador communications

Starting on Friday, students will be invited to become members of the NEST Ambassador Team page on the event site Engage. Engage already serves the Office of Student Affairs and Student Life as a platform for event communication.

The NEST Engage site will provide information on upcoming events planned by the NEST Ambassadors, weekly NEST bulletins on health and safety, policies that students should be familiar with, and any critical updates to assist students as they continue with the semester. No action is required of students other than awareness of the page once they are enrolled. The page is located at the following URL:

Tips for dining on campus

SVSU Dining Services staff recently provided a video tutorial advising members of the campus community on how best to observe safe practices while eating on campus. The tips include limiting the number of people per table to four people who live in the same housing unit. Watch the video above to learn more.

First week of random testing underway

This week marked the first week of random (also referred to as "surveillance") testing for COVID-19. Testing took place at the Ryder Center with the help of Michigan Health Labs. All individuals who were selected and were tested did so voluntarily.

Randomized testing of students, faculty and staff provides the SVSU community another means to combat the spread of COVID-19 by identifying individuals who may carry the virus without symptoms. We strongly encourage those who are randomly selected to participate in our testing. Keep an eye on your SVSU e-mail account for an invitation from


Please wear face masks properly, covering both your mouth and nostrils.

#CampusClear app update

Required daily health self-screening for all students, faculty and staff coming to campus

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Download it on App Store Get it on Google Play

Learn more about #CampusClear App

The CampusClear app for the daily health screening underwent a software update Wednesday night. Please know that you may need to re-enter your SVSU credentials the first time you use the app after this update.

We know some members of the campus community have reported difficulty accessing the CampusClear app on their smart devices. We hope the update addresses these issues.

For users experiencing difficulties when accessing the app, it is recommended they attempt to access CampusClear by using an Internet browser and typing into the URL field on the browser.


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