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NEST Bulletin, August 20, 2020

Cardinals move in on Monday

SVSU’s caring and committed Housing and Residential Life staff are ready to welcome the arrival of residential students over six days, starting Monday, Aug. 24. Each student may be assisted by up to two guests. Both students and guests must complete the daily health screening prior to arriving on campus.

Some students already have moved in. Among them was senior Renee McKinnie, who is excited about her fourth year living on campus. The Detroit native is serving as an RA as well as a student NEST Ambassador, a group tasked with supporting and educating classmates about campus health and safety practices for the fall semester. A rehabilitation medicine major, she will be working as a contact tracer, mapping positive or probable cases of COVID-19 on campus.

Watch McKinnie discuss her love for serving others and her expectations for the year in the following video:

Renee McKinnie Video

For months, SVSU Housing staff has prepared for the planned return of students to campus and its residential facilities. View details of the fall 2020 move-in plan.

Dawn Iseler, SVSU director of auxiliary operations, also discussed Housing plans for the fall semester in the following video:

Dawn Iseler Video

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Required daily health self-screening for all students, faculty and staff coming to campus

As part of the NEST Plan, all faculty, staff and students who physically come to campus or leave their SVSU residential facilities will be required to complete a brief, online assessment of symptoms and exposure risk prior to entering campus.

Students living off campus, employees, and approved guests who are coming to campus must complete the assessment each day prior to arriving on campus. Students who are living in SVSU residential facilities are required to complete the assessment each day before leaving their residence.

After answering the daily health assessment questions, users will receive instructions on whether or not they can proceed to campus, or if they should remain at home or in their room.

Students, faculty and staff can download the app for their device or use the web-based version.

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NEST Info Line

(989) 964-2110

Meet SVSU's Contact Tracers

Critical to maintaining safety on campus is the recently-launched contact tracing team. The NEST Bulletin last week detailed plans for the group, which will be tasked in part with identifying and supporting confirmed or probable positive COVID-19 cases among students, faculty and staff on campus. Their work also involves contacting and supporting others on campus who may have been exposed to those individuals.

The contract tracer program launched recently under the leadership of Julie Newton (left) and Moregan LaMarr. Both recently were hired for those roles as part of SVSU's partnerships with regional health care providers.

Local media outlets have followed the story. SVSU College of Health & Human Services Dean Judy Ruland was featured in an ABC-12 interview. Ruland and a student involved in the contact tracing program were featured in a WNEM TV-5 story.

For the complete story about the contact tracer program, read this story on SVSU's website.

Do it for all of us ...

Remember to self-screen daily using your #CampusClear app!

Library, Tutoring Services Announce Fall Resources

Zahnow Library will be open to the campus community this fall as follows:

  • Sunday: 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The second floor entrance of the Library will be closed for the Fall semester.

The Library now offers curbside pickup services for borrowed library items. As always, students, faculty and staff can access the library databases from anywhere. Laptops and needed technologies for coursework are available for check out. Study rooms will still be available for reservation, but study room capacities have been modified to support social distancing. To reserve available technologies or study rooms visit the library homepage.

The Gerstacker Learning Commons – including the Center for Academic Achievement, the Math and Physics Center and the Writing Center – will be offering tutoring support throughout the semester. Most of the tutoring will take place remotely through video conferencing, but some Centers may offer limited in-person tutoring appointments. View more information on the Centers’ services, hours of operation and appointments.

In addition, the Testing Center will be open for testing via appointment only. The Center will be offering Accuplacer Placement tests, CLEP exams, make-up and accommodated exams and College of Business CS150 tests. Testing will be by appointment only. Students wishing to make an appointment to take a test should visit Additional information can be found on the Center's website.

Still Plenty of Activity Ahead for SVSU Athletics

While the recent announcement that there will be no games played this fall was disappointing, SVSU Athletics won't be pressing the pause button any time soon, said John Decker, SVSU director of Athletics and associate vice president for legal affairs.

All varsity teams will be engaged with the practice and conditioning activities permitted by NCAA rules, which allow teams that would normally be engaged in their season of competition to assemble for up to 20 hours per week. Out-of-season sports are allowed a maximum of eight hours of activities weekly, so the SVSU varsity Athletics complex will continue to be full of activity, Decker said.

"The NCAA has set strict health and safety protocols for masking, distancing, testing, and other measures contained in its Resocialization of Collegiate Sport guidance," he said. "Our coaches and administrative staff will implement these into all of our Athletics activities this semester."

In addition, coaches in all SVSU varsity programs will be busy with recruiting. he said. Since talent assessments that normally are permitted to occur on campus have been limited by the pandemic, Athletics recruiters will need to place more reliance on reviewing film and utilizing other evaluation tools to identify future Cardinals.

Coaches and Athletics administrators also will be closely monitoring the academic progress of student-athletes, as NCAA bylaws have specific mandates relating to allowable semester hour requirements and progress toward a degree that student-athletes must meet.

"Although our 'fields of dreams' may be quiet for the near term, there still is much for Cardinal student-athletes and coaches to focus on as they prepare for future seasons of Athletics competition," Decker said.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition?

Students who are unable to wear a face covering for medical reasons should contact the Office of Accessibility Resources & Accommodations at or (989) 964-7000 for guidance. Students will need to provide authorized medical verification as part of this process. Students cannot attend class or enter SVSU facilities apart from their dorm rooms without a face covering.

Will students be allowed to have visitors/guests in their residence halls?

A maximum of two visitors are permitted on Move-In Day only. Visitors are defined as non-SVSU students. Guests are permitted within the designated hours: Sunday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to Midnight; Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. The Roommate Agreement may limit guests further. Guests are defined as SVSU students who do not live in the unit/facility. Overnight visitors/guests are prohibited until further notice.

View Return to Campus FAQs

Did You Know?

Isolation: Isolation refers to the period of time an individual should remain away from others, because they have tested positive for COVID-19.

Quarantine: Quarantine refers to the period of time and individuals should remain away from others, because it is possible they have COVID-19 (symptomatic, awaiting test results and/or have been in contact with someone with a known case of COVID-19).

Synchronous learning: Students engage with course content and each other at the same time from the same or different locations

Asynchronous learning: Students engage with course content at different times and in different locations

Cheyenne Johnson discusses campus updates

"I like that the desks are kind of spread out because I'm the kind of student that likes to spread out my homework, so now I don't have to feel that bad about taking up too much space. I think it will make it a better, more intimate relationship with your professors, especially with having to cut down on class sizes."

Listen to SVSU Orientation leader Cheyenne Johnson talk about all the ways in which campus and classroom adjustments will benefit her and her peers. This summer, the senior has enjoyed an early preview of the fall semester by leading orientation sessions with incoming freshmen.

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