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FAQ on the NEST Plan

We've compiled some of the frequently asked questions about life on campus under the NEST Plan this fall. Additional information will be added as necessary. 

Vaccinations and COVID-19 Testing

As the university has been monitoring local data and rising cases throughout our region and the state of Michigan, it became evident that we needed to put additional safeguards in place to protect our campus community. We understand that some members of our campus community were cautious about getting vaccinated prior to FDA approval. The Pfizer vaccine received full approval by the FDA on Monday, Aug. 23.

The weekly testing requirement will begin Tuesday, September 7. Testing will be available on campus Monday through Saturday. We are offering testing on campus prior to this date as well; dates, times and location for on-campus testing are posted at

The university will continue to monitor health conditions among the campus community and the surrounding community and respond accordingly. We will inform you as these decisions are made.

For students who do not follow these requirements, disciplinary action will be determined by SVSU’s Office of Student Conduct. Employees who do not follow the requirements will be subject to progressive disciplinary action that may impact their employment, determined by Human Resources and in accordance with employee policies and collective bargaining agreements.

Individuals who are fully vaccinated are much less likely to contract the virus, and if they do, they are much less likely to spread the virus.

The university will be conducting PCR testing on-campus. Individuals may select a nasal swab or a saliva test where you spit into a vial; those who select the saliva spit test must not eat or drink for 30 minutes prior to their scheduled test. All testing on campus will be administered by health professionals. Your results will automatically be shared with the university’s health and safety team.

You will be responsible for any costs associated with off-campus testing. Off-campus tests must either be PCR or antigen tests (to test for current infection), administered by a health care provider, such as a pharmacy or health center. Please submit your test result to

No. The antibody test detects past infection. It does not indicate if you are currently carrying the virus.

If you have had COVID-19, you will still either need to receive the vaccine or be tested weekly, unless your positive test was within the past 90 days. If you have tested positive in the last 90 days, please email your test results to so we can make record of it and exempt you from weekly testing until your 90 day mark is up. You may not need to wait 90 days between having COVID-19 and getting vaccinated; please contact your primary care provider. Even if you have previously had COVID-19, it is still important to get vaccinated to protect others.

The alternative to receiving the vaccination is to get tested weekly. Students may submit a request for reasonable accommodation of weekly testing using the online form at or by e-mailing Faculty and staff may submit a request for reasonable accommodation of weekly testing using the online form at or by e-mailing

Yes, please submit a picture of your vaccination card to for students, or to for faculty and staff.

Please submit a picture of your vaccination card to for students, or to for faculty and staff.

Yes, you will still need to be tested weekly until you receive both doses and are fully vaccinated. You will need to resubmit your vaccination card once you receive your second dose.

No, if you have already submitted your proof of vaccination through the Your Shot to Win Big sweepstakes, you do not need to do so again. If you are fully vaccinated (two doses for Pfizer and Moderna, one dose of Johnson & Johnson), you do not need to resubmit proof of vaccination.  If you uploaded proof of only one dose for Pfizer or Moderna, then you will need to upload a new proof of vaccination after your second dose.

Email a photocopy of your vaccination card to (or

Students who are not reporting to campus for classes do not need to be vaccinated or tested weekly. Fully online students do still need to complete the vaccination status form at If you plan to use any on-campus facilities, you will need to follow the university’s health and safety guidelines for visitors, as outlined in the NEST Plan.

Our current mask requirements remain in effect.

Yes, commuter students are included in these policies.

The alternative to receiving the vaccination is to get tested weekly. Students may submit a request for reasonable accommodation of weekly testing using the online form at or by e-mailing



No, campus testing is for asymptomatic individuals only. Please call the Covenant hotline.

SVSU will continue to host vaccination events in partnership with Meijer Pharmacy during the fall semester. Watch the NEST website at for updated information. Additionally, Meijer Pharmacy is providing vaccinations at its own locations. For more vaccination locations, visit

If you were vaccinated at an SVSU vaccination event, you can contact any Meijer Pharmacy for this documentation. If you received your vaccination elsewhere, contact that provider for your proof of vaccination. Information on accessing vaccination certificates also can be found at

  • Michigan Immunization Portal - If you have been immunized in the State of Michigan, you may be able to download your Immunization Record from the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR).
  • CDC

Course delivery will not be changed on an individual basis. Please refer to your syllabus and contact your professors for specific questions. Late registration is open until Sept. 3 if you would like to change your course schedule.

Please work directly with your professors and the SVSU contact tracing team if you must quarantine or isolate and miss classes. Please notify

The university has not yet made a decision regarding a requirement for booster shots. However, booster shots will be offered on campus when they become available.

No. It is lawful to ask individuals for medical information related to our ability to provide for the health and safety of our community.

Academics & Instruction

For the fall 2021 semester, SVSU has returned to 80% in-person instruction. However, online and hybrid courses may be available.

It is possible that in-person classes could switch to an online format depending on the health and safety needs of the campus community, and we are ready to accommodate this change.

Tuition will not be reduced. However, SVSU has suspended online instruction fees.

Yes. The Academic Advisement Center has moved to remote advising services to allow you to continue to work with our advisors virtually. Contact them to schedule an appointment at

We understand the pandemic is likely to contribute to circumstances that would keep a student from physically attending class. Faculty at SVSU have been asked to be flexible and support students through alternative, remote activities that give students the opportunity to continue their academic progress if they are unable to physically attend class; students are encouraged to reach out to their faculty members for details on how this will be managed.

Students who must drop courses for medical reasons may pursue medical withdrawal at any time during the semester. Students will be required to provide authorized medical verification of the date(s) they were ill, which must coincide with the term in question. More information can be found at the Registrar's registration site under "What is medical withdrawal?"

Students who must miss class due to illness are asked to notify their instructors of their absence immediately and to request information regarding alternative, remote assignments or activities. Students must comply with quarantine/isolation decisions made by the contact tracing team.

Quarantine procedures following a classmate's positive COVID-19 test will vary depending on the circumstances. When a positive case is reported to SVSU's contact tracers, they will work together with local health experts to determine the best course of action for those who may have been in contact with the individual who tested positive. At this time, masks will be required in all classrooms and vaccination or testing is required of all students; these measures are meant to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in the classroom.

Daily Health Screening and Quarantine

Quarantine guidance for individuals who have received their COVID-19 vaccination is not the same as for individuals who have not been vaccinated. Here is the SVSU policy.

If any student is experiencing symptoms for COVID-19, they should still notify SVSU contact tracers ( for further instructions.

If a student is directed to get tested for COVID-19 per the results of their daily health screening, they should quarantine while awaiting test results and notify SVSU contact tracers ( of their testing status. Click here to view SVSU's current testing policy:

Covenant MedExpress near campus (2970 Pierce Rd.) offers COVID-19 testing. SVSU students and employees who call the Covenant Hotline (989-583-3568) after a failed health screening and are advised to receive testing can do so at this location during these hours:

  • 8 to 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday
  • 9 to 11 a.m. Sunday

Test results are often returned 24-48 hours after the test is performed. Additional testing sites can be found here:,9753,7-406-99891_99912-531745--,00.html.

Students, faculty and staff who test at the Covenant Med Express location or another Covenant Lab location will receive their results via MyChart or by phone. Participants will receive a card with instructions to register for the Helix portal, where test results will be available about three days after testing and can be accessed at any time.

A student who tests positive for COVID-19 is expected to self-isolate and should notify SVSU contact tracers ( of their test result. Residential students who test positive will be asked to return to their permanent residence to quarantine as noted in their Advanced Plan. Students who test positive should work with their instructors to discuss remote learning options, which will be unique to each class even if those classes are face-to-face. Click here to view SVSU's current testing policy: 

You should quarantine 10 days after your symptoms have begun or after the date of your positive test. Do not return until you have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications and other symptoms have subsided. If you have been quarantined due to exposure, but have not necessarily tested positive, quarantine for 10 days. You must have written permission to return from quarantine from SVSU contact tracers.

Health & Safety

All guests/visitors are required to wear masks indoors. Masks are strongly encouraged outdoors when visitors are in close contact with others. This policy continues to be evaluated frequently.

Visit this link for SVSU's face covering policy:

Students who are unable to wear a face covering for medical reasons should contact the Office of Accessibility Resources & Accommodations at or (989) 964-7000 for guidance. Students will need to provide authorized medical verification as part of this process. Students cannot attend class or enter SVSU facilities apart from their dorm rooms without a face covering.

Students who are considered at risk of severe illness, or live with someone who is at risk, should contact the Accessibility Resources and Accommodations Office ( to discuss potential options for remote learning. Faculty at SVSU have been asked to be flexible in terms of in-person attendance and to provide alternative, remote activities that give students the opportunity to continue their academic progress if they are unable to physically attend class; students are encouraged to reach out to their faculty members for details on how this will be managed.

For data on active cases of COVID on campus, visit our COVID-19 dashboard at

Housing Operations

Click here for SVSU's current/updated mask policy.

Information Technology

Students will be able to chat with NEST Ambassadors in real time to address any questions they have on technology and virtual instruction. The Information & Technology Ambassadors will utilize the app, housed in students' CANVAS page, to answer students' questions. Ambassadors will be available to assist students: Sunday, 1-5 p.m.; Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; and Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Yes, laptops and other needed technologies are available for check out. Students should message for details.




All answers to questions included on this FAQ page are subject to change depending on current state executive orders and health guidance from experts at the local, state and national levels regarding COVID-19. Our goal is to provide the most accurate information available; if you have more questions, contact SVSU at





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