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Goal of the Medical Laboratory Science Program

The goal is to educate the student so that their knowledge of Medical Laboratory Science, technical competency, and professional Lab_Classroom_01behaviors are consistent with career entry expectations.


At the conclusion of the program the student will be able to:

  1. Perform (independently) routine and specialized laboratory procedures found in a typical full service clinical pathology laboratory. Performing these procedures include all of the QA/QC requirements, setting up reagents and equipment, and managing problems.
  2. Apply principles and practices of quality assurance/quality improvement to the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical components of laboratory services utilizing statistical analysis.
  3. Apply safety and government regulations and standards to laboratory practice.
  4. Analyze and/or evaluate laboratory findings to incorporate critical pathways and clinical decision making activities, such as:
    a.  Verifying patient results and QA for a given test
    b.  Correlating findings with health and disease states
    c.  Prescribing course of action for discrepancies
    d.  Recognizing possible inconsistent results
    e.  Developing algorithms
  5. Apply acceptable principles of teaching and learning to a selected activity.
  6. Apply basic principles of management in select activities.
  7. Practice the ethics of the profession.
  8. Apply concepts and principles of laboratory operations to include:
    a. Critical pathways and clinical decision making
    b. Performance improvement