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Tissue Engineering Lab (P145)

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The Tissue Engineering lab is dedicated to research in soft-tissue mechanics. This facility is being used to conduct testing on tissue samples to develop mathematical models to describe how tissues deform under various loading schemes. The mathematical models are numerically intensive so the lab is equipped with a set of clustered workstations to conduct the necessary calculations. The numerical models being developed will become the basis for future finite element analysis (FEA) packages. These FEA packages will provide engineers with the ability to understand the mechanical response of human and animal organ function to assist in the design and development of new medical devices for improving life. Also, the lab provides the necessary material property data for those models. It is a goal of this lab to make these experimental data freely available to the world via its servers attached to the internet.


  • Custom tissue testing apparatus
  • Ten clustered workstations and six servers
  • Biological microscope with image capture
  • Hand tools


Contact Us
(989) 964-2735(989) 964-2735

Department Chair

Dr. John Herman


Pioneer 221