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Materials Lab (P120)

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The Materials Lab supports instruction in the Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering Analysis courses. It also supports student projects, research, and the Independent Testing Lab. The lab consists of various heat treating furnaces, a hydraulic fatigue tester, Charpy-Izod impact tester, and NDE equipment. This lab supports instruction and research in manipulating material structures and conducting various tests. Students taking the materials course use the lab to conduct experiments in heat treating of metals, ductile-to-brittle transitions in materials, and nondestructive testing and evaluation. Several student groups have also used the equipment in this lab to heat treat parts for their projects.


  • 100 kip and 20 kip MTS hydraulic mechanical testing frames
  • Satec Charpy-Izod impact tester
  • MTS tensile test machine (located in ITL)
  • Dye penetrant tester
  • Ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Sentro Tech furnace (1600°C max)
  • Fisher Scientific IsoTemp furnace (1125°C max)
  • Two Thermolyne furnaces (1200°C max)
  • VWR Scientific oven (500°C max)
  • Hot plates
  • Stirring plates
  • Universal Sand Strength Tester
  • Sand sizing sieves
  • AFS sand permeability meter
  • 20 ton Carver press
  • Molding sand compactability tester
  • 20 channel data acquisition system

Contact Us
(989) 964-2735(989) 964-2735

Department Chair

Dr. John Herman


Pioneer 221