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Heat Transfer Lab (P213)


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The Heat Transfer lab supports instruction and research on heat transfer. Students taking the heat transfer course conduct a series of experiments in conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer. These experiments assist students in applying the theoretical knowledge gained in lecture. ‌


  • ·         Two sets of thermometer probes (thermocouples, thermistors, pyrometers) and associated temperature readouts
  • ·         Technovate conduction table (model 9051)
  • ·         Hampden convection heat transfer demonstrator bench (H-6882)
  • ·         P.A. Hilton unit to measure thermal conductivity of fluids (model H-470)
  • ·         Armfield linear conduction unit (HT 11)
  • ·         Armfield radial conduction unit (HT 12)
  • ·         Armfield combined convection-radiation unit (HT 14)
  • ·         Armfield extended surface heat transfer unit (HT 15)
  • ·         Armfield transient conduction unit (HT 17)
  • ·         Armfield controller box (HT 10X)
  • ·         Three Gateway E4100 computers with associated monitors and printers
  • ·         In house designed/built unit to study distribution of free convection heat transfer coefficient on a vertical flat surface
  • ·         In house designed/built unit to study distribution of free/forced convection heat transfer coefficient on a horizontal cylinder

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