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Fluid Mechanics Lab (P149)

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The Fluid Mechanics Lab provides the facilities to conduct experiments on fluids. Students taking the Fluid Mechanics course use the lab to conduct various experiments on measuring fluid properties and the movement of fluids. The lab also houses the department's wind tunnel. Students use the wind tunnel to conduct experiments on the lift and drag of air foil shapes and measure pressure drops around an object. This lab has also been used to assist in product development by local companies.

A set of students running the wind tunnel.


  • Refrigeration demonstration unit
  • Hydraulic test benches
  • Hydraulic channel
  • Cannon-Fenske viscometers
  • Wind tunnel
    • Pressure measurement
    • Three-component balance and model support system
    • Variable speed drive
    • Constant temperature anemometer
  • Journal bearing demonstration apparatus
  • Various pressure measurement devices
  • Analytical balance
  • Pressure drop in a pipe experimental apparatus
  • Thirteen workstations for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid mechanics related projects.

A group of students reviewing data for a fluids lab

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Department Chair

Dr. John Herman


Pioneer 221