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Individual Tutoring Sessions

‌Available by appointment

30 minute private tutoring sessions will be available to students for tutoring in any SVSU math class numbered from 081 through 262 or physics class numbered from 107 through 212.

Sessions are available Fall and Winter semesters, Monday through Thursday, from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM. (The last session begins at 6:00 PM.)

Students will be able to sign up online  for one session at a time, up to one week in advance.

More than one student can sign up together for a study group and reserve more than one session in a row.

Signing up for an appointment

  • On the upper right, click on the icon SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE or go to
  •  Sign-in using your SVSU user name and password.


1. Click on, Search Availability

2. Choose the center, Math and Physics Tutoring.

3. Choose the subject, your course

4. Choose the start and end date window you wish to search for an available appointment.

5. Select search.

6. IMPORTANT: decide which tutor you prefer for your session. The availability of tutors who can tutor your class listed on the bottom of the screen.

7. For the available date and time which you desire, click on the time-slot.

8. Select the person you prefer from the pulldown menu. REALIZE: NOT everyone on the pulldown list is available! Only those listed in the schedule at the bottom of the page at your appointment date and time are available! Make certain the person you want as a tutor is available at your date and time!

If you would like, enter any additional information in notes.

Canceling an Appointment (assumes logged into TutorTrac)

  1. When you log into TutorTrac, if you already have an appointment scheduled, you will see it on your Welcome Screen.

  2. Click on the "x" icon to cancel your appointment.

For a printable version of the above instructions, click here → making a private appointment (288KB).

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