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Meet Danilo Sirias

"Students have to discover answers by themselves.  My role is to create activities that enable students to think about solutions and create the knowledge themselves."



He has co-authored a book, "Bridging the Boomer Xer Gap", that was selected Book of the Year by ForeWord magazine and as one ‌of the most influential business books of 2002 by Soundview Executive Summaries. "Success . . . an Adventure", published in 2007, is a story written for teenagers to learn conflict resolution techniques and logical thinking skills. This is what he does in his “spare” time, when he isn’t teaching, or honing his chess skills for the next international chess Olympics.  He is Danilo Sirias, associate professor of management and marketing in SVSU's Scott L. Carmona College of Business.

Danilo Sirias represents what makes a great teacher and why his teaching philosophy works so well at a place that encourages in its students and faculty critical thinking, problem solving and pushing the learning “envelope.” Danilo’s approach is a bit unique: Most teachers ask their students to read textbooks before the class. Danilo feels that creates a bias about possible solutions to management and marketing problems, and he wants his students to think about other, or additional, solutions. So, in Danilo’s classes, students work in small groups, offer their solutions, hear his – and only then will they read the book. The best part for Danilo is that often his own learning is enhanced when students offer solutions that are better than his own or those offered in textbooks.

Danilo’s keen sense of observation and out-of-the-box problem solving serve him well not only in the classroom but at the chess board, where he has twice been Nicaraugua’s National Chess champion. In fall 2004, Danilo represented his home country at the world championships, where he placed 7th in the world. Not bad for a tenacious young man who came to the U.S. in 1990 from a third-world country to further his studies, knowing no English and adjusting to such odd things as an object called a microwave and a contraption called an ATM machine.

Scholar, teacher, author and chess player. A real Renaissance man. This is Danilo Sirias.  This is SVSU.



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