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Residential Life Philosophy

In order to create an optimal experience for residential students, the staff of the Office of Residential Life focuses on the following:‌

Community Development

There are many ways for resident students to express their membership in the university community. Becoming an involved resident student is an important component of each student's transition toward adulthood and citizenship. Residential Life offers unique opportunities, inviting each student's engagement.


Pursuant to the university's mission, the Residential Life program "fosters an environment of inquiry and openness that respects the diversity of all whom it serves." Resident students must recognize that living in a community requires that we celebrate and embrace our differences.

Personal Development

Each residential student is supported in establishing his or her own identity and transition into adulthood. Residential Life staff provides opportunities through programming to enhance this process.


Residential Life staff creates social and co-curricular activities that represent a wide range of interests and priorities. Residential Life applies a concept and purpose to these events that are embedded in the growth and development of individual students.

Staff provides a variety of opportunities for the students to connect, relieve stress and continue to learn.  Programming provides students with an opportunity to complement their classroom learning and develop other interests – like community involvement, networking, recreation and much more!


Residential students share space with other students which makes communication key to a successful roommate relationship. Residential Life staffs are available to assist in negotiating roommate concerns. Resources for roommate communication, rights and how Residential Life manages conflicts are here for your use.

Roommate Guide and Agreement:


Each resident student is automatically granted membership in the Residence Housing Association (RHA) by virtue of residency. Resident students financially support RHA and Community Councils through the Residential Leadership Fee, which is collected as a part of the room (and meal plan, if applicable) each semester. Residents are encouraged to express their opinions regarding their residential experience through RHA representation. RHA's office is located on the first floor of the Living Center Southwest.

Community Councils

Each resident complex has its own community advisory or government, which SVSU refers to as Council. Every assigned member of the complex is automatically a member and eligible to participate as an E-board (executive) member or member of the general assembly.

The councils are funded through the Residential Leadership Fee, paid by each resident student as part of the room and board payment. These dollars are intended to be used to create programs and events for the residents of the complex.

Student Conduct

Living on campus provides each resident student the opportunity to enjoy a complete collegiate experience. Each resident student has the right to engage in those physical, educational and social pursuits that are a necessary part of his or her university life. However, rights carry with them a reciprocal responsibility on the part of the individual to ensure the rights of other residents are respected.


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