Residential Life Philosophy

Pursuant to the University's mission, the Residential Life program "fosters an environment of inquiry and openness that respects the diversity of all whom it serves."  Resident students must recognize that living in community requires that we celebrate and embrace our differences.

Residential Life staff at SVSU sponsor programs and activities that support the intellectual and personal growth of resident students through the C.A.R.D.S. programming model.  "D" stands for Diversity, which means that Resident Assistants are required to sponsor diversity-focused programs each semester.  This is accomplished by scheduling entertaining house or hall events or taking advantage of the varied University events sponsored for all members of the University community.

Resident Assistant for Inclusion

The First Year Suites, Living Center North and Living Center Southwest each have a Resident Assistant for Inclusion (RAI), an undergraduate para-professional, who resides in the community.  This staff member's role is to provide resources on social justice topics, including but not limited to gender, LGBT, religion and race.  They provide monthly newsletters with information and resources, provide programs and are available to assist students with their success at SVSU.

Residential Life Human Awareness Committee

All residential students are welcome to join the efforts of the Residential Life Human Awareness Committee.  This group's mission is to create opportunities for students to learn about and discuss diversity at SVSU and in life.  The Committee is interested in student participation and ideas for events and dialogue.

Contact a Resident Assistant for Inclusion or Matt Krevda , Associate Director of Residential Life, for more information.