Drive with Red Pride

‌Two ways to get your SVSU license plate paid for!

SVSU Alumni Relations will reimburse you for the $35 license plate fee when you purchase the new SVSU plate from the State of Michigan.

1. Fill out the Secretary of State License Plate Order Form (390KB) and email the completed form to or mail to the address below. You pay nothing up front and we will process the order for you so you do not even have to go to the Secretary of State!


2. Purchase your plate in-person at your nearest Michigan Secretary of State office. Email proof of registration or scan of the License Plate Reimbursement Form (3,540KB) endorsed by the Secretary of State to We will send you a $35 reimbursement check in the mail for your new SVSU plate.

Mailing Address:
Wickes 160
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI  48710

*There is a $10 annual state renewal fee for the SVSU license plate.

Download PDF Forms:

Secretary of State License Plate Order Form (390KB)

License Plate Reimbursement Form (3,540KB)

For more information about the SVSU License Plate, call the Alumni Relations Office at 989-964-4196.