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Policies, Vision & Strategic Plan



Information Technology Services (ITS) will be recognized as a vital strategic partner within the campus community, that provides exemplary service and leadership in leveraging technology solutions that support, empower and adapt to the academic and administrative affairs of the University.


Goal 1.  Establish a customer service orientated culture that exceeds expectations, becomes an IT presence in university-wide initiatives, and develops action plans based on metrics.

  • Provide a means for campus community feedback.
  • Develop Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Provide support and facilitate the creation and delivery of training methodologies.
  • Examine tools and methods of communication.

Goal 2.  Cyber Security efforts will improve the security of SVSU’s information technology environment, concentrating on an agile and effective approach to addressing cyber threats. 

  • Use monitoring, layered technologies and processes to provide ongoing observation, assessment and analysis of cyber security issues related to SVSU's information systems.
  • Implement technologies and processes that will improve the access control of SVSU's Information systems.
  • Implement technologies, processes and training that reduce the risk of malware introduced through email and malicious web sites.
  • Develop a security and risk mitigation plan based on the Center for Internet Security's 20 Critical Security Controls (CIS 20).

Goal 3.  Establish and sustain an IT governance structure to ensure strategic, effective, efficient and comprehensive deployment of resources throughout the institution.

  • Review current IT governance structure, provide recommendations and implement.
  • Implement a method for managing ITS-related change.
  • Evaluate, recommend, and implement tools for the governance committees to evaluate proposals, prioritize projects and measure success. (e.g. ROI)
  • Evaluate, recommend and implement project and portfolio management, including a visible ITS project roadmap.
  • Evaluate and recommend an overall, campus-wide budget for technology resources.

Goal 4. Recruit, utilize, develop and retain talented ITS staff in an effective and efficient manner which promotes professional fulfillment, development and growth.

  • Review and adapt ITS training and tool plans.
  • Evaluate, recommend and implement internal ITS communication strategies.
  • Explore, recommend and implement retention initiatives.
  • Develop, recommend and implement an ITS recruitment process.

Last modified: 5/31/2018

The information found on this page reflects the current Vision and Strategic Plan of ITS as of the last modified date. It may be updated as seen fit by ITS in order to keep with the changing needs of the University.

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