iOS Mail & Calendar Settings


The following instructions will erase the contents you may already have stored on your device, under Calendar & Contacts.  At this point in time, there is no guaranteed method of merging the contents on your device with Zimbra (VMail) accounts.

If you have critical entries in your Calendar or Contacts on your device, which you need to save (BEFORE SYNCHRONIZATION), please contact the ITS Support Center first to determine if transfer is possible. ITS has not found a method that has provided 100% data transfer. 

Users have two options to access their email, calendar, and contacts on their Internet enabled device - either OTA (over the air) or Wi-Fi:
1) Zimbra Mobile Access, 2) Microsoft Exchange. 

Zimbra Mobile Access

This method uses the iPhone/iPod Touch Safari browser to access your account online. It provides direct access to your account data, and is not a method where you actually synchronize the data to your device (for off-line viewing). Basically, how you access your account via a computer web browser is the same method here - only that the version is made for a micro-browser.

Launch Safari and enter (bookmark) this address:

Users are also able to Bookmark the Zimbra Mobile, and create an icon on the device for quick launch & access.  Log into your account, then click the + symbol to Add Bookmark, then choose Add to Home Screen.

Microsoft Exchange 

Microsoft Exchange (via ActiveSync) is a popular default solution for many handheld devices. It allows you to configure the device to manage all contacts, calendars and e-mail, or to choose which individual service you want stored on your device.

Configuration Instructions


  • Touch the Settings icon
  • Touch Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Under Accounts, Touch Add Account
  • Touch Microsoft Exchange  
    (the iPhone/iPod Touch only allows one Exchange setup; so if you already have one, it will have to be removed in order to use with SVSU Vmail)
  • Enter your full SVSU email address
  • Domain: (leave blank)
  • Enter your SVSU username and password
  • Enter a Description
    (leave the default description or enter something like: SVSU)
  • Touch the Next button
  • Enter the Server:
  • Touch the Next button
  • Select items you want to have access to on your device, then touch Done.
    (Note: email can quickly absorb your data plan, so choose wisely)
  • It will bring you back to the Mail, Contacts, Calendar page. Scroll down to configure how you want your mail settings to be on the device. 
  • Enable - "Always Bcc Myself" so that you get a copy of your sent messages.
  • If you have multiple accounts configured on the device, select which you would like to treat as your default.
  • Other items to consider for configuration:
        - Contacts Sort/Display order
        - Enable New (incoming) Invitation Alerts to appointments
        - how much you want sync'd
        - Enter your time zone (New York)
  • Touch the Account listed on top of page, to review its Account Info settings.  
    - Make sure Use SSL is enabled.
    - Specify how many Mail days to sync (lower the better).