Orientation for Online / Hybrid Courses

While online/ hybrid learning offers flexibility and convenience, it requires different skills to succeed.  Your success in these courses is very important to us; to help you succeed in your online/ hybrid courses we have developed some materials that will prepare you to be an effective learner in these courses.  Please take the time to review the materials before starting your course. 


Am I ready to be an online learner?

Please take this self-assessment survey to evaluate your readiness for an online / hybrid learning environment. Please note that the survey does not guarantee your success, nor does it confirm your inability to succeed. You will evaluate your own readiness in three areas: Technical skills, learning preferences and study/ academic skills.


Tips for Succeeding in Online/ Hybrid Courses


Explore the Online Learning Management System (VSpace)

If you are enrolled in an Online or Hybrid course, please preview this demo course to get familiar with the course management system before the course starts.


Resources for Effective Learning in Online/ Hybrid Classes

In this section we have provided some additional resources to help you succeed in an online environment.  These resources include strategies/ tips, video tutorials and links to tools/ apps to support your learning.


VSpace Tips Sheets & Tutorials

If you are not familiar with VSpace or would like to learn how to use specific tools within VSpace, you can find self-paced video tutorials and tip sheets that provide step-by-step instructions in the VSpace Student Zone


Resources for Academic Support/ Tutoring Available at SVSU

Center for Academic Achievement


Study Skills/ Learning Strategies

  • Study Smarter: This video on “Strategic Learning” developed by Academic Skill Center at Dartmouth describes a three-step process for learning effectively.
  • The website How to Study provides several learning and study skills resources.
  • The Study Skills Library at California Polytechnic State University provides many strategies on many topics such as listening, memorizing, time management, note taking, test preparation, and test taking.
  • Note Taking : Taking notes in an online classroom is similar to taking notes in a face to face classroom.  In your online and hybrid classes you will be reading a lot of information online and if you do not organize the information you may not be able to understand or remember it for your exams. The following methods are the most commonly used note-taking methods, click on the links to get more information about each method.
  1. Simple Note Taking Methods
  2. Cornell Method
  3. Concept Mapping
  • This video from the Academic Skill Center at Dartmouth describes different Note taking strategies
  • Online Note-taking tools: This website provides examples of online note-taking tools.
  • Memory Techniques (Mnemonics): See examples of mnemonics provided by University of Victoria Counseling center and additional examples of strategies to remember information provided by Bucks County Community College.
  • Here are some ideas from Virginia Tech University on how to create an appropriate study environment
  • Reviewing Information: Metacognition techniques


Time Management Strategies


Preparing for Exams


Useful Apps and Tools

  • Check out this comprehensive list of apps created by University of New Hampshire.
  • Other useful apps for college students from howtolearn.com