Student & Alumni E-mail (Vmail) Managment:


All student and alumni e-mail not read for ninety days after receipt, marked as deleted, or over 365 days old, will be deleted before the start of each Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer semester.



  1. Total mailbox space for each user is 200MB.

  2. A cleanup routine is executed three times per year. This cleanup routine commences before the start of the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer sessions. The purpose of this cleanup is to ensure proper response times and improve the overall system performance. Prior to any deletion, a backup tape will be made and retained for one year. The cleanup routine includes the following actions:
    • Any e-mail in a student mailbox that has not been read ninety days after receipt is automatically deleted. (Excluding the Sent Items folder) 
    • Any e-mail in a student mailbox over 365 days old will be automatically deleted. (Including the Sent Items folder) 
    • Any e-mail marked as deleted but not yet purged will be automatically deleted.



Since 2004, an influx of SPAM e-mail and inattentive cleanup by some VMail users resulted in nearly half the VMail database being filled with SPAM and old messages. This directly affects system performance and backups. This wasted storage space prevents SVSU from increasing student and alumni e-mail space. This policy was adopted in September, 2006.