Generic IDs for Student Employees


This will serve as the policy and procedural guidelines regarding the use of generic network accounts (IDs) utilized by departments on campus. This policy is specific to network access via Novell accounts. Other resources such as GroupWise will be handled in a different manner.

Purpose of Generic IDs

Many departments employ students to work within their office where they may have a need to access shared network resources. Such activities are logging into a departmental computer to execute special applications (i.e. Datatel UI, GroupWise), access shared network drives/folders/documents, and the ability to print to departmental printers.

Certain activities present a security issue; students often have access to confidential data. If student employees were to have direct access with their personal student account, they would virtually have access to the confidential data from any computer system on-campus and/or off-campus. If a student were to use their personal account and walk away from a computer (i.e. lab, kiosk, or off-campus PC using a utility like NetDrive), or if a computer was compromised by a hacker, the potential for a security breach is exponential.

The use of a generic ID provides a level of security in that the ID is restricted (tethered) to specific computer hardware typically located within the department. The generic ID would therefore be unusable from any other location or computer system, thereby reducing the potential for a security breach.

Requesting a Generic ID

The student employee supervisor needs to submit a Generic ID request, via email, to their supervisor, indicating the desire to have a Generic ID(s) created and providing the following information:

  1. Reason for request (ex. A department needs their student employees to be able to access a shared GW calendar for scheduling appointments)
  2. Preferred name of the Generic ID(s) (ex. itsstudent1, itsstudent2)
  3. Generic ID manager:(Name of the employee, normally the student employee supervisor, who will be the main contact for questions related to the ID and responsible for oversight of the use of the ID)
  4. Additional access information (Any additional access to resources that the ID needs to be granted, such as shareddrives/folders/documents, GroupWise calendaring and/or email, etc.)

After receiving the employee's generic ID request email, the employee's supervisor needs to approve the request and forward the email to the ITS Support Center at .

An ITS Support Center representative will then conduct a brief analysis to identify the technical information needed to associate the ID with a specific computer system and any additional access to resources needed, providing that information to Network Services.

If multiple computers are to be used by student employees within the department, unique IDs will be assigned to each specific computer system.

Account (ID) Management

Supervisors will be responsible requesting any shared drive assignments, as well as for changing or requesting password changes; to handle student employment turn-over. All account passwords will be forced to be changed every 120 days, at a minimum.