Employee M-Drive Space

To make the use of technology easier at SVSU, we have allocated 20GB of disk space on our network to each employee. This space is commonly called the M: Drive.

Macintosh Users: You may connect to NetStorage by setting up WebDav.

You may access your M: Drive from home, on campus, or from anywhere on the Internet via a new web-based service called NetStorage.

Since your M: Drive is on an SVSU server, you will have to download (copy) files to your computer to work on those files, and you have to upload (copy) them back to your M: drive on the SVSU Server.

Note: When you are logged on to the network in the MicroLabs on campus, you can easily access the M: Drive just like any other drive (for example the C: drive, or Zip drive), under My Computer.

Getting to your M: Drive from the Internet

Step Action

Open Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
(Do not use Netscape, as it does not function properly with NetStorage.)


Change the URL to: http://netstorage.svsu.edu.
You may want to bookmark (save as a Favorite) this URL.


Type in your SVSU UserID and Password

(The same UserID and Password that you use for all SVSU systems.)


4 Double click on the folder named: "Home@SVSUNET"

Double-click on your UserID and you will be inside of your "M:" drive.

(The folder named with your UserID is your "M:" drive.)


Downloading Files

You must download the files from your M: Drive to your local computer to be able to work with the files.

Step Action
1 Select the file with your Mouse
2 Click on the "File" menu



4 You will be prompted to save the file to your computer

Uploading Files

You must upload the files from your local computer for them to be available from your "M:" Drive.

Step Action
1 Click on the "File" menu



3 A window will pop up, use this to browse your computer and select the file you wish to place on the M: Drive

Limitations of the M: Drive Space

  • Macintosh Computer Users: For employees using Macs, NetStorage is not available at this time. Look for it in the near future.
  • If More Space is needed: Request for additional space via an e-mail to support@svsu.edu or call 989.964.4225. Expect 48 hours (weekends not included) before the additional space is available.

Backup of M: Drive Space

Your M: Drive is backed up at night and deleted files can be recovered for up to four weeks if necessary. We do not maintain versions of your files. You are encouraged to maintain your own backups of your files. Recovery of a file may take up to 72 hours (weekends not included).

Contact the Help Desk at 989.964.4225 if you have any problems using NetStorage.