Vmail/Email Resource Policy & Procedure


What is a Vmail Resource?

A Vmail Resource is a common (generic) email address/account that can be shared/maintained by multiple users.

Depending on how the generic account is to be used, ITS may recommend that the account be accessed via a technique called "Persona" that allows a user to send email as though the email was ffrom the generic account but yet retain a tracking of who actually sent the email (by username/UserID).


How do I obtain a Vmail Resource?

Follow the procedure outlined below in the Employee and Employee’s Supervisor sections of the work flow detail.

Vmail Email Resource Request Work Flow:

Employee ==> Employee’s Supervisor ==> ITS Support Center ==> ITS Networking ==> ITS Support Center ==> Employee

Vmail Email Resource Work Flow Detail:


The employee will submit a Vmail email resource request, via email, to their supervisor, indicating the desire to have an email resource created and providing the following information:

1) Reason for request (ex. Registrar needs a common email account for students to send questions)

2) Name of the resource (ex. registrar@svsu.edu)

3) Resource manager (Name of employee to be assigned as the manager of the resource)

In addition to managing email sent to the resource, the manager will be able to allow other Vmail users to access the resource.

Employee’s Supervisor

After receiving the employee’s resource request email, the employee’s supervisor will approve the request and forward the email to the Support Center at support@svsu.edu .

Support Center

The Support Center will verify that the email contains all the information necessary to process the request and enter the request information into the call tracking system assigning the ticket to the Networking team and indicating the need for a follow-up with the employee by the Support Center upon completion of the request.

The Support Center will evalute the use of the account and, when appropriate, suggest tothe accoutnowenr that all others access the generic account via Persona.


When the Networking team has completed creation of the resource, Networking will mark the call tracking ticket as complete.

Support Center

When the call tracking ticket has been completed, the Support Center will contact the employee to provide information/training related to managing the resource.