Car Pooling Tips

  1. Carpooling does not require that you have a car, but it does require that you be be dependable, on time, and considerate of your fellow carpoolers.
  2. At the very beginning of the carpool, certain issues should be discussed and decisions made. Issues that should be settled immediately include members' feelings about the sound system, conversation, smoking habits, reading and eating.
  3. When sharing driving duties, rotate daily, weekly, or monthly, but develop a firm, regular schedule.
  4. If needed, agree in advance on reimbursement for driving expenses, and then set regular payment schedules.
  5. Make a "clean Car" policy and stick to it. The car that carries you to and from campus should be clean, safe, and comfortable, and regularly serviced.
  6. Be Punctual! This applies to both drivers and riders. Wait a predetermined amount for each passenger and then drive on. Don't honk for your passengers. Honking is not good for the neighbors, especially early in the morning.
  7. Establish a chain of communications (calling tree) and a backup carpool plan.
  8. Drive safely. Speeding, taking chances or just plain negligence should never be tolerated.
  9. Discuss your carpool plans with your insurance agent. Liability coverage is usually adequate but make sure of it. Many companies offer reduced rates for carpoolers.
  10. Practice good personal hygiene and be willing to modify your personal habits.
  11. Look upon carpooling as a cooperative effort by you and individuals who are or who could become your good friends. Common sense , dependability, courtesy, planning, and accommodation are essential for a successful carpool. Together, they can make carpooling a pleasant, money saving alternative to driving alone.
  12. If you don't know your carpooling buddies, feel free to ask them about their driving record. Make sure they have a valid driver license.