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Student Learning Goals

Formal assessment goals and methods are still in development

Accrediting/Certifying Body: AACSB – requires us to have qualified faculty, faculty engagement in curricular improvement and an assurance of learning framework. NASBITE International -- is the organization that oversees the Certified Global Business Professional credential. In developing this program, NASBITE interviewed and surveyed hundreds of practitioners in international business to identify skill requirements at various levels of the organization. Based on feedback from the practitioner community, with the guidance of international business scholars and with funding from the US Department of Education, the organization developed a certification examination that has become the standard for assessing general knowledge of global trade practices.

Professional Organizations/Standards that informed development of learning outcomes: The Academy of Management (International Management Division) is the academic group that essentially defines the research content domains for scholars in international management. This research framework in turn influences the content domains as reflected in textbooks and case studies. The Academy of International Business is an academic professional organization for scholars broadly engaged in issues of international business/trade, e.g. market entry strategies, tariff barriers, regulatory context of business etc. Both publish sample syllabi from comparable peers that were evaluated in developing the College’s curriculum revisions.