Bob Braddock

Bob Braddock is a historian by profession, teaching English history to SVSU students since 1970.  His many years with SVSU have Bob Braddockmade him, almost by default, an unofficial University historian.  It may not be completely accurate to say he has done or seen it all, but Bob has had an interesting life at a campus that was comprised of nothing more than Wickes Hall for teaching facilities when he arrived at Saginaw Valley College (SVC) in 1970.

Aside from his classroom teaching, where he recently taught a third generation family member, Bob has had several interesting roles at SVSU.  Some know him as the soccer coach.  He created the SVSU club soccer team, played and coached for about 15 years, until the program became a intercollegiate sport.  Others know Bob in his role, since 1980, as the man charged with aligning faculty for each Commencement march. Still others know him for his passion for international studies, where he sees the maturity in students who learn that the world is bigger than Saginaw Valley, and that it is important for students to think about how other people in the world perceive the U.S.  In his professional role, he is known as an authority on the Tudor Court.  He is also proud of the fact that he headed the committee that developed the Dow Visiting Scholars and Lecture Series into the outstanding program that it is today.

In his years of teaching, Bob calculates that he has taught some 7,000 students.  That’s a lot of lives that have been touched by a professor who loves to teach at a place he’s been passionate about for more than three decades.