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Read what recent alumni and industry leaders have to say about the

Executive Health Care Leader Track:


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“Get with the program! Sign up for the Master of Science Health Administration & Leadership executive track at Saginaw Valley State University. You will not regret it. It’s fun, rewarding, relevant, challenging, and well worth your time. If you currently are or are looking to be, a leader in healthcare administration this program is a must. It is loaded with pertinent, up-to-date, real-world information that will prepare you to navigate and succeed in the ever-changing world of 21st-century healthcare.” 

William R Felten MD, FACC
Cardiovascular Service Line Chief
MidMichigan Health


“The Masters in Health Administration and Leadership Program has been intellectually stimulating with an engaged group of colleagues and course materials relevant to my work.”

Michael A. Stack, M.D. VPMA
MidMichigan Medical Center - Gratiot


“The Masters Of Health Administration and Leadership taught by Marilyn Skrocki and her faculty at Saginaw Valley State University is a tour de force of modern healthcare. The online and class room experience has been thorough, well prepared, and rigorous, yet fun at the same time, for students and faculty, constantly interact and exchange ideas, making the whole experience all the more worthwhile. I feel I am being beautifully prepared for the realities of modern healthcare administration, and would greatly recommend this program to anyone wishing to play a role in it someday.”

Robert N. Jones, MD, Chief,
Division of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
MidMichigan Medical Center - Midland


“I have found the program to be an excellent resource to enhance my leadership skills.  This program is specifically designed to fit the needs of busy executives in the healthcare field.  Participants in this program will receive cutting edge educational materials to assist in preparing for the next stage of your leadership career.  The tools and materials reviewed in class have assisted me daily in my job as a healthcare leader.  I am so glad that I enrolled in the executive cohort program!”

Ronette Parks,
Vice President, MidMichigan Physicians Group


“Becoming more involved in administration within the (MidMichigan) health system over the years, I had been researching options for further education that would assist in this transition and fit my busy schedule. The MSHAL program offered the convenience of doing a majority of the coursework online with a commitment for face-to-face class time one Saturday per month, for eight months of the year, which seemed to be manageable and affordable. Studying with a cohort of my peers makes it all that much more enjoyable and interesting.”

Kerry Pierce, MD
Board Certified in Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry
MidMichigan Physicians Group
Past Chief of Staff
Current Chairman of Credentials and Peer Review Committee
MidMichigan Medical Center, Midland


"We have no time to waste. Every minute counts. We all learn as the number and gravity of responsibilities multiplies, that time is precious, and we can't make more of it. We do what we like, and we do what we must in the time there is. This highly efficient program meets the demands of a demanding group: physicians, and healthcare executive leadership who simply must develop knowledge and strength in modern principles of running healthcare delivery systems. For physicians, it simultaneously delivers CME credit and academic credit, at a value rate that is unparalleled. Executives and physicians work and learn together as we should and as we must in our healthcare environment. The program itself is comprehensive, relevant, practical, and aligned with preparation for fellowship in the American College of Healthcare Executives. Waste no more time searching, this program will make every minute count."

Sean Kesterson, MD, FACP
Senior Medical Director
MidMichigan Physicians Group/ MidMichigan Health


"The Executive Health Care Leader Track of SVSU’s Master of Science Health Administration & Leadership program has certainly been a fulfilling experience for me. In my current role as a healthcare leader, I was looking for an opportunity to expand my education and enhance my knowledge in our rapidly changing environment. This program not only presented me with that opportunity, but also allowed me to pursue my goal hand-in-hand with several physicians, advanced practice professionals, and administrative leaders. The relationships I have built, along with the additional education I have received, are simply priceless."

Ray Stover
MidMichigan Medical Centers in Clare and Gladwin


"Going back to school was a major decision for me. I was glad that Covenant decided to collaborate with SVSU to form our executive cohort masters program. The application process could not have been easier! The executive cohort masters program fits well with any busy schedule. It is set up to make day-to-day schoolwork very manageable. If you’re looking for a program that will fulfill your work-school-life balance, look no further!"

Iris Marteja, MD, FACP
Section Chief and Medical Director
Hospital Medicine
Covenant Healthcare


"This program is an excellent way for the practicing physician to pursue an administrative education. Having a cohort of peers makes it more fun and practical. It has also been exciting to apply knowledge learned to current hospital projects."

Matthew Deibel
Medical Director
Covenant Emergency Care Center


"The MSHAL course exceeded my expectations. The content was not only applicable to my daily work but also inspired me to think about other areas where I can make a difference. It provided great content in varied formats that kept my interest. It provided camaraderie between myself and physicians I had seen or heard their name but never knew. It was exciting to see these physicians share my passion for making positive changes throughout Covenant. The program does require a good deal of time, but it is well worth it. I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would."

Dr. Dawn R. Johnson, DO
Covenant Medical Group


"The program has provided new insight, understanding and knowledge that I have been able to directly apply in my duties in the hospital. The subject matter and assignments are immediately applicable to current workflows and the challenges we face in the hospital. It was especially rewarding to design and complete an assignment that was initiated in the hospital to solve one of these challenges."

Aaron Smith, MD, FACEP
Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Clinical Operations Coordinator, ECC
Covenant Healthcare



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