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Executive Health Care Leader Track

This program is designed exclusively for clinicians, physicians, advanced practice providers, and current health care administrators*.


*Qualifying current healthcare administrators should have at least 5 years of experience or a title representing at least Director status. 

Application Process

Applicants must complete the application for graduate admission online (without attachments),
plus streamlined supporting documentation as listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: you are not required to submit a resume, statement of purpose or transcripts. You may receive an automated email asking for those documents, please disregard it.

Physicians & Advanced Practice Providers


  • One Letter of Recommendation from the VP of Medical Affairs, CEO or an executive representative from the physician group
  • One Letter of Recommendation from CEO or COO
  • For Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers with staff privileges, a completed Credentials Verification Form (299KB)   from Medical Affairs verifying current State of Michigan licensure and staff privilege in good standing

Please note: Individuals that are not physicians or administrators with a title reflecting an administrative role are not eligible for the Master of Science Health Administration & Leadership Executive Cohort.



MHA Executive 21 (207KB)


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