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Chrstina krueger MPH student

Christina Krueger

"My favorite aspect of the program would have to be how flexible the classes are with working full time. At the beginning of the program, our classes were at night, so I was able to attend after work. The last two semesters have been online, which is very convenient."

Ashley Brenner MPH student

Ashley Brenner

'My favorite aspect of the MPH program is equally both the flexibility of the program and the course topics. Since graduating in 2014 with my Bachelor of Science, I have been drawn to Public Health. I have found the topics covered in the MPH program to be extremely interesting and educational. Because of the options of both hybrid and online courses, this program was built to be extremely flexible around students’ work and family schedules, which is a huge bonus for me."

Shadaryll MPH student

Shadarryl Hardnett

"My favorite aspect of the program is the HS 660 Public Health Field Experience course. I really like that the program offers us, students, an opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in the field/area we are most interested in through this course. The knowledge and skills that will be gained through this course can open up more doors of opportunities for us to advance in our future careers."


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