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Jenna ZulaufJenna (Zulauf) Findlay is a 2007 SVSU graduate with a double major in sociology and psychology.  Jenna completed her M. A. in sociology from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2011 and is currently working on her PhD at UNLV in environmental sociology with an anticipated completion date in 2014. 

 “At SVSU, I took advantage of so many leadership and learning opportunities that I know helped frame my experience at grad school.  I lived on campus my entire time, and loved the closeness of the Foundation Scholars residential community.  I studied abroad in Australia and Mexico and know that were it not for the confidence I gained from those experiences, I would never have had the courage to travel across the country to UNLV to begin my graduate studies.  I learned to hone important communication skills as a Writing Center Mentor, and was inspired by professors who really cared about me.  Before grad school, I received great advice and support from faculty and advisers who helped me with the graduate school application process.  I know that doesn’t happen at a lot of other schools. 

The small classes and personal attention, the academic rigor, the friendly and caring campus, and the respectful relationships I developed with faculty all helped define for me the experience I wanted, and received, at SVSU.   We have an expression at SVSU, “It’s a Great Day to be a Cardinal.”  I still feel that way, and I think I always will.”