Rebecca Goodman

College of Education

Rebecca Goodman


"I think I’ve always known I would be a teacher."

When I was a little girl, I had a friend with Down syndrome, and at school, I ate lunch with her every day because I was the only one who could keep her focused. I’m glad to say that she made it through high school, and was even elected homecoming queen!

When it was time for college, I chose SVSU because of the education program and because it felt comfortable, and I’ve loved my experience. SVSU has a small-town feel and everyone’s friendly, but it’s big enough to offer a lot of opportunities. In fact, through a study abroad opportunity, I’ll be able to complete some of my student teaching in Costa Rica! After that, I hope to teach in the mid-Michigan region so I can stay close to my hometown of Morrice, near Perry.

With a twin brother who recently graduated from another college and both my parents retired, I’ve been so grateful for scholarship support. It helps ease the financial burden on my family and makes it possible for me to spend more time on studies and less time working.

I’m Becky Goodman. When I graduate, I’ll be ready to teach elementary school, with certifications to teach math and science through 8th grade and special education through high school. That’s possible because of scholarship support. For me and so many other SVSU students, every gift counts.


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