Joshua Lloyd

College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences

'Thanks to my scholarship, I am now able to take classes as a full-time student.'

Acting has always been something I've wanted to do, even when I didn't quite know it yet myself! Growing up, I'd always force my family members to be my audience while I staged some kind of outrageous production in the middle of our living room. Little did I know, eventually I would be performing in front of audiences for a career, with the audience watching of their own free will!

I was attracted to SVSU initially because of the sense of community here. I love that we're a community-based school that continues to involve itself with the inner city and give back. Although scholarship support did not influence my decision to come here, it has definitely influenced my decision to stay. My theatre scholarship has been a tremendous help! As we all know, college is expensive, and finding funding can sometimes be the making or breaking point in the decision to continue in college. I was near this breaking point until I received my scholarship, which has turned my situation around 180 degrees. Thanks to my scholarship I am now able to take classes as a full-time student rather than part-time, which I'd done in previous years.

After graduation I plan on moving to the Chicago area to further explore my craft and begin networking with various talent agencies and theatre companies. But, who knows, maybe life will have different plans for me and I could end up in L.A., or maybe even New York!

I couldn't do this without the support of donors!


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