Jeffery Raymaker

Jeffery Raymaker

College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences


"Receiving scholarships may be one of the best opportunities of my life."

I’ve always envisioned producing fruitful and lasting change in our communities. That’s why I decided to couple a degree in communications with a political science political science minor. To be effective, I’ll need to be able to communicate my messages through any medium at my highest capacity.

I was attracted to SVSU because my sister and other family members praised SVSU as not only a great school, but one that impacted their lives beyond academics. I wanted an attentive campus where my needs could get met so I could benefit on multiple levels.

Even through scholarship support wasn’t originally the reason I chose SVSU, once I started applying for scholarships, I realized that SVSU was the best value by far. Scholarship support has removed my financial burden. It has inspired me to help future students navigate the scholarship process so they can have the same types of opportunities I’ve had.

Receiving scholarships may be one of the best opportunities of my life. The Thompson Scholarship has been particularly rewarding, not only through financial support but also through the requirement to accrue service hours. Thanks to my community involvement, I’ve been appointed the executive director of Partnership Center, a nonprofit organization in Saginaw, where I directly impact Saginaw residents with financial assistance. Through this organization, I can transform lives daily, using skills I’ve obtained in classes.

SVSU scholarship support has blessed me, so I can now bless others.


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