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Jacob Kaufman

College of Arts & Behavorial Sciences

Jacob Kaufman


"At SVSU, I’ve had opportunities that I’m sure I wouldn’t have had at other schools."

Most people think of theatre majors as loving the limelight, but I’ve always liked to remain behind the scenes.

My interest in sound design began during middle school at Bay City Handy with a mentor, Matthew Reid, from Bay City Central High School. When I got to high school, Mr. Reid took another job, and I stepped into his role overseeing productions behind the scenes.

I came to SVSU because of scholarships and the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment. I’m so glad I did, because I’ve had opportunities that I’m sure I wouldn’t have had at other schools. Along with learning how to use the new equipment, I had networking experiences at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival and the United States Institute for Theatre Technology conference.

I have a younger brother who acts onstage, but I’d rather stay backstage. My mother likes to say that my brother stands in the spotlight that I shine on him.

I’m Jacob Kaufman. Thanks to generous donors like you, I am preparing for a career in sound design. And I want you to know, every gift counts.


Wickes Hall 398
(989) 964-4052