Alex Roggenbuck

College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences


"With the financial help from SVSU and donors, I have been able to become a well-rounded and confident student."

Growing up, I got the chance to experience Walt Disney World with my family, and I knew that I wanted to be surrounded by the feelings of magic and joy that exist there for the rest of my life.

When I learned about the Disney College Program that SVSU offers, I knew right then and there that this opportunity was made for me. This program alerted me to the many opportunities Disney World has to offer, and it has illuminated my passion for event planning.

Without scholarships I would not have had the opportunity to go away to college and pursue my dreams of working at Disney World. By lightening my financial burden, this support gives me more time to focus on my schoolwork, and I'm able to be involved in student organizations, like Habitat for Humanity and Forever Red, that have given me leadership roles, friends and volunteer opportunities.


Wickes Hall 398
(989) 964-4052