John A. Fallon Award for Leadership

The John A. Fallon Award for Leadership was established funds donated by friends and colleagues of John A. Fallon, former vice president for public affairs at SVSU. The scholarship provides financial assistance to SVSU students who are current members of an SVSU non-revenue-producing athletic team.

As vice president for public affairs, Dr. Fallon served as the university’s liaison to the Lansing legislature and also coordinated the efforts of several administrative and student service departments within the university. In addition to sharing his expertise with community organizations, Dr. Fallon nurtured an interest in athletics, coaching a variety of youth teams.

Applicant Requirements
•    Full-time student having completed one academic year at SVSU
•    Demonstrated character and leadership potential
•    Member of a non-revenue-generating athletic team at SVSU
•    Minimum 3.0 GPA



Wickes Hall 398
(989) 964-4052