Art Kackmeister and Gladys Benjamin Kackmeister
Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Art Kackmeister and Gladys Benjamin Kackmeister Scholarship was established in 2007 with a gift from their son, Thomas B. Kackmeister. The scholarship supports SVSU students  who are dedicated to the women’s athletics at the college level. It is inspired by Mrs. Kackmeister’s devotion to women’s athletic opportunities.

Art Kackmeister and Gladys Benjamin were born in 1912. They married in 1933 and together raised three sons. Art and Gladys graduated from Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw in 1930; both were outstanding high school athletes. Mrs. Kackmeister played basketball, volleyball, and baseball, both in high school and beyond. She was a lifelong advocate of opportunities for girls and women to participate in sports.

Applicant Requirements:
•    Full-time student
•    Completed at least 50 credits
•    Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
•    Demonstrated financial need
•    Demonstrated commitment to women’s athletics through participation, coaching or advocacy
•    Letter of reference from high school or college coach or faculty member



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