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FIRST Robotics State Finals at Saginaw Valley State University

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Venue Rules

FIRST Robotics requires that masks are worn by all persons while in the event venue for the duration of the event (including event set up and tear down). The addition of a mask requirement at our will allow the events to remain accessible to the greatest number of people, most importantly, our student team members, their coaches and mentors, and our volunteers.

  • Masks must be worn in all areas of the venue.
  • Walk within the venue, NO RUNNING.
  • Safety glasses need to be worn in the Fieldhouse - Pit area.
  • Besides water, no food or beverages are allowed in the Fieldhouse - Pit area.
  • ONE table per team in the designated areas for team food.
  • No crock pots allowed anywhere in the venue.
  • No additional tables and chairs can be brought into the venue, this includes portable tables and lawn chairs.
  • No smoking or vaping in the venue.
  • Keep all egress areas open and clear.
  • No saving seats in the stands.
  • No throwing items in or from the stands.
  • Practice in the pits or on the Practice Field only.
  • Respect the venue, please.

Respecting and observing this additional event safety protocol is in line with our usual safety protocols of wearing ANSI certified safety glasses and closed-toe shoes, safe usage and handling of tools and equipment, and even politely asking others to step out of the way when moving robots through crowded halls at events. We do these things to keep ourselves and each other safe. It is Gracious Professionalism in its truest form.