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Important Notes

A sincere Cardinal welcome to all the FIRST in Michigan Robotics State Championships guests. SVSU is dedicated to providing a pleasant, safe and fun campus stay for all visitors. The following are online resources, tips and guides to help all FIRST Robotics guests enjoy their experience at SVSU.

A FIRST Robotics state championship smartphone/tablet app (powered by Guidebook) is available download.

Special hotel pricing arrangements are available via the Great Lakes Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau [ PDF (120KB)  ]

PDF of pits assignments will be posted here as soon as they are available.  

State finals related info from FIRST competition headquarters (published closer to finals dates).

A complimentary shuttle service will be running a continuous loop across campus to help visitors get from point A to B without delay. [ more » ]

Vendors are available at the facility hosting the competition. And other food marketplaces — including Subway, Papa John’s, and Panda Express — are located across SVSU’s campus. With these options available, please refrain from cooking inside campus facilities using propane or other electronic- and gas-powered cooking equipment; these are considered hazards by the fire marshall.

Permitted in parking lots J, J1, J2, G3. [ maps » ]

SVSU provides an EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM capable of delivering messages to report any critical incidents, severe weather threats or campus delays/closures due to inclement weather. FIRST Robotics guests can receive critical incident or campus closure alerts by texting SVSUAlerts to 67283. You can unsubscribe at any time by texting the word STOP to the same number.

Latex balloons are not permitted in the team cafeteria, pits or stands due to an allergen accommodation. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  

Wi-Fi will not be available in the competition arena. Wi-Fi will be available to guests within the building inside the Hamilton Gymnasium and the pit area.

  • On your device, look for the SVSUGuest wireless network.
  • Once connected, the network should open a captive portal web page called SVSU Guest Wifi. (Note: If it doesn't prompt a login browser page, please try to go to a website manually and it should pop up)
  • Check the box to accept the SVSU terms of use.
  • Click Log In and you will be redirected with internet access. On wireless devices, visitors will be asked to use the SVSUGuest wireless network.
  • Guests will be registered to use the wireless for a 96-hour period. If the guest will be on campus for more than the allotted time, they can repeat these steps when their access expires.