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ELP students will be registered by the ELP office each semester; however, it is the students’ responsibility to make sure they DO NOT have a balance before the registration date.  It is also their responsibility to check the payment deadline date and pay tuition before then.  Students can use this link to Cardinal Direct to check for balances and for the payment deadline:   If students need assistance at ANY TIME during the registration process, they can come to the office (Wickes 250) and ask for assistance. 

There are two parts to registration – the registration dates and the payment deadline.   Both of these dates can usually be found at

The first part of registration is the registration dates.  

BEFORE the first registration date of the semester, students should go to to

  1. Check if they have any balance
    • If students DO have a balance, they need to go to Cashier’s and pay that BEFORE the registration date. (ELP  CANNOT register students if they have a balance).
      Please be aware that if students HAVE a balance and cannot be registered before the payment deadline, they will be charged a late registration fee of $155. 
  2. If students do NOT have a balance, they are ready to be registered.

 After the registration date, students should go again to to

  1. Check if they are registered for classes.
    • If students are NOT registered, they need to come to the OIP and ask for help to figure out why not.
    • If students ARE registered, they are ready for the next step. 

The most important thing during registration dates is to get registered.

 The second step of registration is the payment deadline.

 BEFORE the payment deadline, students should log into to

  1. Check to see if they are still registered
  2. Check their “balance” to see how much money they owe for tuition and/or housing
  3. Go to Cashier’s and pay the balance BEFORE the payment deadline.
    • Once students have paid for their courses, they are officially registered for the next semester and should not be dropped. 

If students do not pay for their course on time, they will be dropped and may have to pay the late registration fee of $155.

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