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Assessing & Evaluating Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The Office of Diversity Programs conducts a systematic and systematic assessment of the programs, initiatives, and workshops to help create a well-defined, measurable, and attainable diversity and inclusion impact across campus.   The Office of Diversity Programs collects and analyzes campus-wide data to better understand issues of campus climate and satisfaction with diversity programs and policies.  The Office of Diversity Programs seeks to use data to drive decisions about program implementation and delivery to permeate the academic and social environments of SVSU.  Because diversity at SVSU is a university-wide commitment, using data-driven decisions ensures commitment at every level of the institution; the Office of Diversity Programs use the data to assist all entities across SVSU in communicating our approach to diversity to guarantee that employees and students understand the institutional commitment to diversity and its benefits.

SVSU seeks to promote a diverse campus culture and to foster respect for the differences that make each individual unique. Below is list of committees, services, and offices that SVSU takes great pride in offering to help achieve its goal. 

  • Task Force on Diversity
  • Task Force on Racial Issues
  • Diversity Curriculum
  • Disability Services
  • International Programs
  • Diversity Climate Survey
  • Affirmative Action Plan
  • Student Satisfaction Survey
  • President's Forum
  • Minority Student Services
  • Diversity Focus Group
  • Diversity Council
  • KCP FFF Committee
  • GLBRYLI Committee