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Meet Josh Rivers

  • A senior majoring in biology (pre-med) with minors in chemistry and Spanish
  • Hometown: River Rouge, MI

"I am honored and privileged to be not only a student at SVSU, but also an ambassador, a researcher, a friend, and a leader. "

When Josh Rivers, a senior from River Rouge, graduates from Saginaw Valley State University, he plans to attend medical school. But before he spends next semester in Korea, he shared with some prospective students what his SVSU experiences have been like. Here’s what he had to say:

On Academics:

SV: Have you been involved in any research?
Rivers: I was involved with carcinoma (cancer) research with Dr. Bing Yang, professor of biology, but as my application cycle for medical school approached, I had to postpone my participation in this research and focus more on my application.

SV: How are you preparing for medical school?
Rivers: Currently I am preparing to take the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test). I spend 20 plus hours a week studying for this, on top of my normal class schedule. I’ve also shadowed physicians, observed heart surgeries and minor operations. The most important thing for a pre-med student to know is that it's not just about how well you build your application, it's about what you learn from your experiences and how you use this knowledge to become a better doctor in the future.

On Student Life

SV: Do you live on campus? 
Rivers: Yes, this is my 4th year living on campus and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Living on campus really allowed me to really get a taste of campus life and because of this, SVSU has been my home for almost  four years.

SV: Have you been involved in any clubs or organizations?
Rivers:  This year I’ve been vice president of the Pine Grove Community Council, a member of the Health Professions Association, a mentor for the Minority Student Services: Making Students Successful program, and a mentor for Living Leadership. In the past three years I’ve been here I’ve participated in faculty led study abroad trips to South Africa, gone to the Dominican Republic for a medical trip, participated in Louisiana Hurricane Relief during spring break, been a participant and site leader for alternative breaks, participated in Residence Hall Association, been the security chair for the Great Lakes Affiliates of College and University Residence Halls (GLACURH), attended MORAH and GLACURH conferences, LCNC vice president and president, and a team captain for Relay For Life. The possibilities are limitless at SVSU.

SV: If there is one thing you could share with a prospective student about why they should consider SVSU, what is it?  
Rivers: SVSU’s campus life is the best aspect about this university. The organizations and clubs accept you into their family/network, and make you feel right at home.  SVSU is a relatively small university and I believe that in order to maximize your college experience, you need to experience everything taht this university has to ffer.

I feel that it is the responsibility of every student to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible; that’s exactly what I’m doing. By getting involved with all the things I like to do, and want to do, I can maximize my experiences; allowing me to get a taste of every nook and corner of this campus.

With this being said, I feel that the world has more to offer than just SVSU.  I want to travel to places that I’ve never been and enjoy opportunities from experiences that I would otherwise never encounter. I’ve chosen to go to Korea for this very reason. The other side of the globe is another society of people with entirely different views and beliefs. These views and beliefs may very well affect my life in drastic ways. Why pass up the chance to experience something so unique?

I am honored and privileged to be not only a student at SVSU, but also an ambassador, a researcher, a friend, and a leader.