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At SVSU, we believe faculty can have the best of both worlds: being able to teach, have meaningful interaction with students, and the support to conduct and present research. Each month faculty work is published in the internal faculty/staff newsletter, the "Interior". See what's new:

October 2013

  • James Bowers, assistant professor of criminal justice, presented two coauthored works at the Midwest Criminal Justice Association in September. The first is titled “Techniques of Neutralization Used by Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse: Preliminary Results from a Case Study of the Milwaukee Archdiocese,” with J.D. Spraitz and P. Florianschitz; and the second is titled “Exploring Deviant and Criminal Behavior of University Undergraduates: Comparing Regression and Hierarchical Linear Modeling in Testing General Strain Theory,” with J. Huck, C. Morris and J. Spraitz.Also, Bowers coauthored (with J. Wheeler, J. Walsh and K. Cook) and presented “A Drug Court Process Evaluation of the Saginaw County 10th Circuit Court” at the Michigan Sociological Conference, Oct. 19.Bowers co-authored (with Poonam Kumar, director of online/hybrid learning) and presented “Hello, Is Anyone There? Creating an Instructor Presence in Online Courses” at the Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching and Learning, Oct. 17.
  • David Callejo Pérez, Carl A. Gerstacker Endowed Chair in Education, and Joshua Ode, associate professor of kinesiology, coauthored a book titled The Stewardship of Higher Education: Reimagining the Role of Education and Wellness on Community Impact (Rotterdam/Boston: Sense Publishers, 2013). 
  • Geoffrey Carter and Sherrin Frances, assistant professors of English, collaborated on a webtext titled “Exposing YouTube’s Underbelly: Four Studies in Videocy” that was published in the September issue of Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture. 
  • Anna Dadlez, professor of Modern Foreign Languages, had an article titled “The Issue of Diversity” accepted for publication in Profiles in Diversity Journal. She also was invited to submit an additional article for publication next year.
  • Fenobia I. Dallas, associate professor of rhetoric & professional writing, presented a paper titled “From Domestic Service to Government Service: The Professional Evolution of African American Women in the 1940s” at the Association for African American Life and History conference, Oct. 4 in Jacksonville, Fla. She also chaired two panel sessions titled “Imagining New Black Communities” and “The Contested Meanings of Emancipation.”Also, Dallas presented a paper titled “Seeking the Miner’s Canary: Should Technical Communication Go Online?” at the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication conference, Oct. 11 at the University of Cincinnati. She chaired a panel session titled “International Issues in Programmatic Contexts.”In addition, Dallas presented a paper titled “The Voiceless Community: Using the Rhetoric of Connectivity to Embrace the Change” at the Michigan Sociological Association conference, Oct. 19 at SVSU.
  • Sara Beth Keough, associate professor of geography, was interviewed Oct. 8 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on the radio program “On the Go” about her research on Newfoundlanders living in the oil sands region of northern Alberta. The podcast can be accessed by clicking the “Programs”tab at
  • Sally Shepardson, assistant professor of biology, published a paper titled “Water Leaching of Chelated Pb Complexes from Post Phytoremediation Biomass” in Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. The paper was coauthored with David Karpovich, H.H. Dow Chair of Chemistry.


Those Who Changed Us

Throughout our lives, we recall those teachers who had an impact on us. Here, alumni and students share thoughts on SVSU faculty who changed their lives.

Faculty Member
Joseph Ofori-Dankwa

"He always made time to meet with me to either help clarify something he said in a lecture, or just to encourage me to pursue my dreams."

Willie McKether, 1991, M.B.A. Assistant Prof. of sociology and anthropology, University of Toledo